Member Benefits

  • Range Access: Range is open to members from Dawn to Dusk 7 days a week.
  • Discounted fees when participating in tournaments and league.
  • Invitation to attend any/all monthly ECIA Club meetings to help participate in improving the club.
  • At our club you'll find nothing less than other great sportsman looking to share their knowledge and experience about the sport to help you improve your archery skills.


Member Duties

  • We require good sportsmanship in and outside of club functions. Overall good will toward members with emphasis on the promotion of fun and responsible archery.
  • Participation in some club functions: Work days, shoots, target setup/take down, youth classes and events. 
  • We are always looking for help for shoots clearing debris, trimming shooting lanes, setting targets, posting stakes, posting signs, etc..
  • We do apply notable work effort towards discounts on shoots and memberships.


Member Cost

  • Family Membership includes you, your spouse, and your children under age 18.
  • Dues cover fiscal year April 1 to March 31.
  • For first time members who join after October 1, membership is valid to March the following year.
  • Included with your paid membership you are given a key to the range and able to utilize the facility as you please!
  • Make checks payable to ECIA

Single Member / Family Membership: $50.00

Registered Students (18+) : $30.00

Seniors (65+) : $20.00



Membership Registration

Please pay with the link below. Your membership will not process without payment.

 There is a $3.00 Shipping charge to mail the key. You will still be required to sign our liability release form before utilizing the archery range. This form will be mailed with the key and must be dropped off at the club upon arrival.

Become a Member By Mail


If you wish to become a member by mail, click this link, print the forms, fill them out, sign them and mail them to 

Hunters Haven

1040 W. Bloomington Rd.

Champaign, IL 61821


Please include the return address you wish your key to be mailed to. Include $3.00 for mailing the key.

OR Bring in your payment and application to Hunters Haven and Pick up your Key on the spot!

Rules of the Range

Safety First

  • The Range is open from Dawn to Dusk. Do not shoot after hours.
  • No Alcohol is permitted on the property.
  • No drinking is allowed before a shoot. Any person deemed under the influence will be asked to leave and escorted off of the property.
  • Do not intentionally shoot arrows into the ground.
  • Broadheads are to be shot on the broadhead range only.
  • Only point your bow at the intended target.
  • Never nock an arrow until the intended target is clear of the other shooters.
  • Stay on designated paths.
  • Look for arrows only after competition is completed for the day.
  • If returning to look for lost arrows place a marker or your equipment at the shooting stakes of the target.
  • Adults MUST supervise children at all times.
  • Draw weight should be such that shooters are able to draw and aim their bow with control and without undue physical discomfort.
  • Always insure that equipment is in good working order.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for help or advice from other experienced club members if you need assistance or are unsure about any aspect of safety of your equipment.